About Us

We’re sisters passionate about hair. We can say we have been blessed with beautiful hair, but we also have been working with our hair with different off-the-market methods for years. For years, our families in Asia would tell us to take advantage of using rice and tea and their passed down methods. And we did.

We founded KamiCha with the intent of sharing clean, Asian rooted beauty methods and stories with the rest of the world.  Frustrated with the market’s lack of clean hair care products, we took inspiration from our Asian culture of harvesting rice and teas to create our own blend of haircare. It is not only us that can attest to our tea blend benefits to our hair, but also have thousands of years of women who have done it before us. It has stood the test of time, and our vision is to share it with our communities and share a clean and sustainable experience of luxury hair care.  

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