Our story began generations ago from a family line of rice farmers. For generations, our ancestors farmed yuzu, honey, tea, and importantly rice- a staple in our meals.

To honor our roots and share the incredible benefits they offer, we took the time-tested hair care rituals of our ancestors. We enchanced them with our rigorous fermentation process, sourcing our unique oil complex from South Korea.

  • Our grandparents in Goheung, South Korea

  • Our grandparents in Gwangju, South Korea

  • 3 Generations

Born into a line of farmers, we aspire to continue in our own way

  • Hair Care

    We chose haircare because a good hair day is what makes us feel fabulous and radiate confidence!

  • Ingredients

    We chose ingredients that were part of our family haircare recipe, as well as plants and produce found on our family farms to this day.

  • Fragrance

    We chose a blend of citrus, jasmine, and mint. These together reminded us of the fresh mornings on our grandparents' farms.