Does Hair Texture Matter?

Does Hair Texture Matter?

What is hair texture?

Hair texture is the diameter of hair shafts. This measurement is taken when stretching hair between your thumb and forefinger. Hair with a larger circumference has a larger diameter while hair with a smaller circumference has a finer texture. 

How to determine hair texture

Note: It should be noted that these methods are not end-all, be-all methods for determining hair texture, but they are useful as a good starting point.

There are several ways to determine your hair's texture:

- Teasing Method: finer hair will remain intact while thicker hair tends to break.

- Pin Curl Test: The curl is made when a single strand of hair is rolled between two fingers and pinned tightly against a ruler. Thicker strands make larger curls while thinner strands make smaller, tighter curls.

- Yaki Straightening Method: Using this method depends on whether your hair is naturally straight or curly. If you have naturally straight hair, then your hair will not loosen up when it's stretched between your fingers. However, if you have naturally curly hair, the curl pattern of your hair will loosen up the more you stretch the strand until it finally becomes straight.

By determining each of these factors, hair care becomes much easier, as you are able to target exactly what your hair needs. Whether it is product or hydration needed, knowing your hair needs and these four factors will help guide you to a much more customized hair care routine!

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